Mike Amnasan
Beyond the Safety of Dreams

ISBN 1-928650-04-X
63 pages




Beyond the Safety of Dreams is a book of revelations about alienation and abjection, a disturbing account of one man's struggle to find a way to feel at home in an unhospitable world. It is the most painfully honest writing I have read in a long time.

--Tom Beckett

Made strange, indeed--how else to walk pass people, how else to walk pass things, how else to walk pass surveillance cameras in the natural world. Eat compete, indeed--how else to dodge draft, how else to cross hair, how else to get laid as a measure of suck up. Read fiction, indeed--how else to brace boredom, how else to not said, how else to fake friends in the real world. Then why else would I feel like Frankenstein sociology and kill psychology while the chips fall Beyond the Safety of Dreams.

--Hung Q. Tu