Sarah Anne Cox

ISBN 1-928650-12-0
59 pages




Sarah Anne Cox has written a startlingly fine book, prompted from the investigating intelligence of a philosopher-poet unswerved by allegiance to system. Her questions--"clauses of effort and fear"--make immediate demands upon grammar's comfort and holding action, as they pry open the ear to a newly sounded scale of voice you may almost recognize. This is a visionary work, at once peripheral, diasporic, clustered, cocooned and exploded in its claim on our relation to contemporary hood-wink.

-Kathleen Fraser

Arrival is a poetry of experience, exuberant. It is a series of arrivals, a grammar of flowers and stones, a "brightly colored order," ardor. Arrival is a poetry of attention and consideration, homologies of war and peace, inside and outside, paradox of imbrication. This ramified Arrival examines and addresses circumstance from every position including full frontal. The rhythms of Cox's lustrous book resonate and greet you with pleasure, with surprise.

--Norma Cole

Sarah Anne Cox is the author of two chapbooks Home of Grammar (Double Lucy, 1997) and definite articles (a+bend 1999). Her work has also appeared in Technologies of Measure, an anthology of bay area women poets. She lives in San Francisco where she teaches, windsurfs and cares for her son.