Eric Sneathen
Snail Poems

ISBN 9781928650386
81 pages




Collecting found texts, lyric poetry, and experimental prose, Eric Sneathen's SNAIL POEMS is an elegy born of the general catastrophe of late capitalism and the specific tragedy of personal loss. Committed to smallness and fragility, SNAIL POEMS nevertheless spirals out, queerly navigating collisions of ecological devastation, the politics of friendship, and popular culture.

"Knowing that there is no language to speak about death and no way to speak to the dead, Eric Sneathen speaks in snails instead. In these poems, the figure of the snail is a vessel for everything from beauty to rain to mourning to queer love and desire to you, dear reader. There are a staggering number of snails in SNAIL POEMS, but don't mistake the motif for fantastical. These poems are real life, in all of its precarity and grace."—Amy Berkowitz