Syd Staiti
The Undying Present

ISBN 9781928650379
131 pages




The Undying Present, Syd Staiti's remarkable debut, unfolds in a time not unlike ours, in a city between worlds, in the space between bodies, in the camera's flat gaze and the eyes of a crowd that exceeds it. Robin Tremblay-McGaw writes, "You know the subjects, you too have been surveilled; we've also gotten something wrong." The Undying Present risks getting something right, too: It's a new day. Anything is possible. Everything is waiting to be seized. Anything,everything, both are at stake here. The language that writes gender into the body, the body that refuses the text of gender, text of capital, text of labor, caught within it and seizing it also, being seized. All the time. Extending from Monique Wittig's "action overthrow," The Undying Present cleaves the world that it builds.