Dorothy Trujillo Lusk
Ogress Oblige

ISBN 1-928650-11-2
65 pages




"Mam I shrieked there is not any problem." Shriek, slink, creep, thud: in Ogress Oblige, the "I" Lusk's verbs violently drag after themselves becomes party to an all-out assault on the poetry of "Tepid Phenomena." "I can't see the figures for the desecration." Dorothy Trujillo Lusk is an evil genius presiding over "the serene disemboweling of finer poetics."

--Sianne Ngai

Trujillo Lusk's monstrous and witty verbal assualt on history and society uses as pivots the various stigmata of single-parenthood, poverty, and institutional negotiation, all the while chanelling every strand of modernism and modernity through a mind that refused the indignity of high-school graduation. Read it and sweep.

The spines of these poems seem each to possess an extra, mutant vertebra that breaks loose from lyric's ghostly theremin to become an unruly daughter shooting darts from harp strings. Careful, you could lose an eye. You could be a bull's-eyed target, you schmuck.

Oi vas wivetted.

--Kevin Davies

Dorothy Trujillo Lusk is a Vancouver-based public historian and hostage negotiator. Her previous books include Oral Tragedy (Tsunami Editions 1988), Redactive (Talonbooks 1990, pulped 1995), Volume Delays (Sprang Texts 1995) and Sleek Vinyl Drill (Thuja 2000).